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Central Police University is an innovative, experience-based university that nurtures learning and learner success. The College of Police Science and Technology includes the following departments: Criminal Investigation, Fire Service, Traffic Science, Information Management, Forensic Science, and Maritime Police. It also provides quality education and training for students in the field of law enforcement. Graduates will be well prepared for entry-level employment. It is our sincere hope that all students have the general outcomes and particular skills below.

1. General Outcomes in Students
The following general outcomes are life and work skills cultivated in all students.
- Maintain a code of honesty ethics.
- Practice social human relations skills.
- Maintain professional skills and attitudes.
- Demonstrate learning and critical thinking skills.
- Demonstrate community, cultural, and global awareness.
- Demonstrate knowledge of science and the environment.
- Use appropriate communication techniques as law enforcement agents.

2. Particular Skills in Students
The following outcomes express particular skills, behaviors, and attitudes cultivated in students seeking the associate degree in police science and technology.
- Manage a crime scene.
- Demonstrate patrol skills.
- Utilize technology and followership skills.
- Maintain technical skills as dictated by the profession.
- Demonstrate investigative techniques to law enforcement.
- Demonstrate ability to negotiate with diverse groups of people.
- Make appropriate decisions using analytical skills for entry level law enforcement.
- Exhibit appropriate, professional and ethical behavior to the law enforcement situation.

We train students to be specialized in varied fields of police science and technology and cultivate qualified police cadres in order to meet the demands of various law enforcement organizations after their graduation.To train students to be specialized in scientific methods and techniques of criminal investigation and to enhance efficiency in criminal investigation.