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2015 Newie Returning Colloquia
publish date : 2015-12-10
The president Diao hosted the activity of 「2015 Newbie Returning Colloquia」with a talk to the 791 graduated students who have worked for one year on September 11th . The purpose of「Newbie Returning Colloquia」is to recall the moral of our school “honesty”and the core value of “Country, Justice, Honor”to the newbies. Expecting that via verifying the scholar theory and pratical job the newbies could provide adjusts to the content of school’s education and enhance the quality of police service and renew police discipline.

In the first place,the president Diao shared his 20-month service in school with grand efforts to promote new systems and measures. Followed by: 1. Three major constructions excuted promptly as schduled.(Investigation and forensic science building, Second shooting range building, Student dormitory building constuction and reconstruction plan) 2. Enhance the insurance of students’ summer internship 3. Establish the research center of disaster prevention. 4. Enforce the motor and car driving ability of students. 5. Improve the quality and system of the counseling between teachers and students. 6. Buy more non-lethal weapons to enrich the essential of martial education. In addition, president Diao encouraged the graduates newbies that,as a law enforcement person, it is obligatory to perform 「adminitrative duties according to law」and keep「your nose clean」as priorities and also the self-managements of all phases, which include safety management, finance management, health management and file management. At the same time, the newbies are expected to be conscious of the incorrupt government moral and make themselves as examples. Never should they hold perfounctory attitudes to break the law or perform illegal acts. At last, president hoped that every alumnus could connect their hearts together on developping our school. Also, president welcomed them to participate in the 80th anniversary celebration next year.

In this activity, courses like 「Green hand drivers’ problem solving」,「Experience sharing of practical job」. Director of the Department of civil service ethics, Ministry of the interior, Wang Win Xin, was invited to deliver a speech during the course of 「Green hand drivers’ problem solving」with the subject named as 「police administration and incorrupt government」. Director Wang not only interpret the core value of incorruption, the status of incorruption in our country and ways to conduct incorruption, but also planted the seeds of incorruption concepts and discpline outfit that are regarded as neccesities to the police into the heart of newbies by the reflections of practical examples and laws of incorruption.

In the end of the activity, 「Experience sharing of practical job」took places with the teachers of each departement, school faculties and current students. They not only share their job experience, encouragement and intimate connecitons, but also provide suggestions to the courses as a reference to the improvement of each departements in the future.
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