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2017 winter semester police technology Forum I

publish date : 2017-03-20
Topic: The investigation and recommendations of forensic feature-comparison methods - PCAST


There is an increasing challenges in forensic identification in the courtroom because of some personal factors. In September 2016, investigation and reporting of forensic feature-comparison methods in PCAST (President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology) revealed some errors including DNA, fingerprint and toolmark errors. One of the examples is the wrong identification of the FBI in the fingerprint of the suspect in the Madrid train bomb attack in 2004. The case greatly affect the law enforcement. As a result, the lawyers, judges and forensic scientists are giving much attention to the PCAST investigation. The this forum report the protocol and figure problems on fingerprint identification in our country.
The physical evidences based on science investigation best explained the real crime scene but the personal bias could cause wrongful conviction. To avoid this, PCAST report advices to:

1.Standardize the forensic identification and interpretation.
2.Establish well training system and accumulate experience, and
3.Decrease individual observation.
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