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Dean, College of Police Science & Technology
publish date : 2014-03-10

Name:     Tsan-chang Lin

Title:        Professor & Dean of Police Science and Technology

Degree:   Ph.D., College of Criminal Justice, Sam Houston State University


Specialization: Management in Criminal Investigation, Homicide Investigation, Criminal Profiling, Crime Analysis.


B.A., Dept. of Criminal Investigation, Central Police University.

M.A., Dept. of Law Enforcement Administration, Western Illinois University.

Ph.D. College of Criminal Justice, Sam Houston State Univeristy.



1993/02 - 995/07    Associate Professor, Dept. of Crime Prevention and Correction, CPU.

1995/08 - now         Professor, Dept. Criminal Investigation, CPU.

1999/08 - 2002/07  Chair, Dept. Criminal Investigation, CPU.

2011/03 - 2011/08  Visiting Scholar, Western Oregon State University.

2014/08 – 2017/07 Dean of Student Affair, CPU

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