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2014 Police Technology Forum
publish date : 2014-12-10
Safety is the basic need of the public and also the basic requirement that the government should provide. Traffic and construction accidents cause significant loss of life and property. Therefore, living and traffic safety is concerned especially. Recently, Mr. Yeh and British businessman Khalad Hamid’s DUI case destroyed families, and raised the public angers. The gas explosion accidents happened in Kaohsiung on July 31st also panic the society.

Central Police University (CPU) plays important roles of think tank in terms of social security and multiple issues of public safety. Thus, the Police Technology Forum participated by experts from related fields, in discussing topics of “the prevention of driving under influence and law enforcement” and “Kaohsiung accident of gas explosion and the countermeasures of disaster prevention”, was held on August 28th, 2014.

The participating experts addressed that driving under influence is not easy to be minimized due to the penalty is lenient. The drivers are fearless to be punished. Consequently, law enforcements cannot slack off, in addition, it’s suggested that to increase the number of road safety lectures instead of a fine since replacing punishments with education may be more efficient. Study shows the US traffic safety strategies, 70 percent of education, 20 percent of promotion and 10 percent of law enforcement. In Taiwan, it is totally opposite. We emphasize first on law enforcement, then the promotion and the education. We need to find out the proper priority in traffic safety strategies. Additionally, though the maximum penalty of driving under influence has been elevated from one-year sentence to two-year sentence, the cases may usually result in deferred prosecution. Therefore, the law enforcement of driving under influence in the future should get common view of road agency, prosecution and law units; then we may expect a better result of prevention.

The participating scholars also proposed a concept of “creating a society that doesn’t allow driving under influence” to against drunk driving issue. Besides the present measures like “designating drivers”, “car booking” and “driver substitution”, the hosts of the banquets bear the duty of informing the potential drunk drivers. The companions who did not stop the drunk driving should be charged with relative responsibilities. Those are good strategies to prevent from drunk driving.

In the forum of “731 accident of gas explosion”, experts expressed that a highly-developed modern city can’t ignore the basic facilities of pipes under the roads. Efficient facility management depends on full-scale information integration. Before the 731 accident happened, the residents had smell and seen white, unknown gases leaking from manhole and culverts. Then firefighters used the portable gas detect to check but fail to identify the leaking gas. The experts suggested that the units in charge of each key basic facilities should provide full-scale information by overlapping and integrating the graphs on the GIS system and then analyzing the disadvantages of each type of industries to promote the precautions according to the analysis result; So that the first line staffs are able to control the most updated information and prevent further damages.

The forum is just an initiator. In the future, CPU will continually focus on social issues and host forums regularly to receive suggestions and concepts from various fields to provide the government staffs with more realistic and reliable thoughts in policy macking.
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