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CPU 79th Anniversary
publish date : 2015-09-10
On September 1st, 2015, the 79th anniversary ceremony of Central Police University took place under the host of deputy chief of Ministry of Interior, Lin Ci Ling. She was profoundly impressed by the superior behavior of CPU students, especially the act of arresting pickpockets, investigating the wanted-criminals, and searching for the alien inhabitant during this year’s summer internship. These creditable comportments had been wide-spread on news and given with great police honor.

She encouraged the entire faculty and students to promote law enforcement tactics and wisdom by taking advantages of “College of Justice Administration”, “College of Police Science and Technology”, and “Dept. of Disaster Prevention”; so as to enhance the scholar research status and quality of CPU, exert practical influence by being think tank of public safety, assisting practical units to solve criminal and disaster problems effectively

Moreover, the 12th award of outstanding alumni of CPU was given recognition of the contribution to public safety and cadre education. The following seven outstanding alumni were elected this year: chief of Agency of Corrections, Ministry of Justice, Wu Man Ying, CPU professor of law, Liang Tian Cheng, deputy chief of National Police Agency, Ministry of the Interior, Chen Jia Chang, chief of Kaohsiung city Police Department, Chen Jia Qin, chief of New Taipei city Police Department, Hu Mu Yuan, deputy chief of National Fire Agency , Ministry of the Interior, Huang Neng Han, and secretary of Maritime Patrol Directorate General, Coast Guard Administration, Executive Yuan, Yao Zhou Dian.

Mr. Wu Man Ying has contributed himself to criminal correction issues and policy planning and also devoted lots of efforts to the renewal of jail policy. During the period of being the warden at Changhua prison, he established the exhibition center of craft works, hold job expo to assist inmates with a proper employment. In addition, he held the belief of “one factory, one specialty” which was reflected in the Institute of Ru Lin. His spirit of continuous innovation and active working attitude is exactly a great model in the domain of criminal correction.

After the anniversary ceremony, Professor Lin Chang De, Teacher Chen Yong Mo were invited to the opening ceremony of “Art Exhibition of Teacher Bai Fong Chong ” in the art gallery of CPU. Many CPU faculties and students took part in the exhibition which could render a great art temperament and a sense of beauty inspiration.
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