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Teaching Symposium” for the first semester of the 2015 academic year
publish date : 2015-11-10
The “Teaching Symposium” for the first semester of the 2015 academic year was held in CPU’s research building on August 27, 2015. A total of 155 full-time and part-time teachers participated in this event.

President Tiao emphasized the great importance of communication in his opening remarks. Tiao appreciated every faculty member for participating in the workshop. The purpose of the workshop was to promote communication between faculty, thus facilitating a purposeful exchange of ideas regarding education and quality in education. Tiao also mentioned on issues such as the management of student internships, new registration regulations for scholar students, department evaluations, the schedule of future construction projects, and upcoming school anniversary activities. Tiao thanked the faculty for all their efforts on behalf of education.

Dean of Academic Affairs Su presented on important issues including the passing percentage of the 2015 police special examination for undergraduates and the continuation of the professional core subject examination of the school.

Then, Director Choo of Chang Gung Memorial Hospital’s medical department deliver a speech on the topic of “Curing the Heart and the Core.” Director Choo specializes in emergency medical care, neural medication, acute medication, and disaster medication. The talk shared his experience of being a doctor and his exclusive thoughts on health issues.

Director Choo mentioned the core of Western medical science is the heart, the core of Chinese medical science is the mind, which emphasizes coordination and balance. The elements of protecting our mind include expressing our feelings, meditating, listening to music, changing our foods to those low in oil, salt, and fat, sleeping well, and exercising in appropriate amounts. Finally, we require positive emotions, actions that help others, a synchronization of the heart and brain, generous hearts, learning in gratitude, tolerance, and forgiveness. Maintaining the health of the heart is like running a marathon, with each step demanding a new effort.

Each department held departmental meeting during the workshop, providing a chance to communicate between faculty and administration.
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