The Politics of Disasters: Three Observations from 2017

publish date : 2018-10-02
Dr. Jason Enia ,coming from Sam Houston State University, reported his observation from Politics of Disasters of 2017 U.S.A..
He discovered there are flood damages from extreme raining rather than storm. The damage of this phenomenon is increasing each year. Why can’t the government prevent the damage from getting serious? Do people not learn something from this experience?
The following are his observations:
Subsidies can get vote. Congress can push government subsidy for the victims.
Hurricane insurance premiums should be according to the degree of risk where the people are living. If someone lives in a high risk area he should pay more.
The government made the law for the insurance company those unfair charges that the people living in high risk area don’t have to pay more than those people living in the low risk area .
The limitation of price shift policy affects the discovery of real situation in flood-damaged area.
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