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Topic: Evidence-base of crime prevention
The investigation and recommendations of forensic feature-comparison methods - PCAST
The president Diao hosted the activity of 「2015 Newbie Returning Colloquia」with a talk to the 791 graduated students who have worked for one year on September 11th . The purpose of「Newbie Returning Colloquia」is to recall the moral of our school “honesty”and the core value of “Country, Justice, Honor”to the newbies. Expecting that via verifying the scholar theory and pratical job the newbies could provide adjusts to the content of school’s education and enhance the quality of police service and renew police discipline.
The “Teaching Symposium” for the first semester of the 2015 academic year was held in CPU’s research building on August 27, 2015. A total of 155 full-time and part-time teachers participated in this event.
CPU 79th Anniversary [ 2015-09-10 ]
On September 1st, 2015, the 79th anniversary ceremony of Central Police University took place under the host of deputy chief of Ministry of Interior, Lin Ci Ling. She was profoundly impressed by the superior behavior of CPU students, especially the act of arresting pickpockets, investigating the wanted-criminals, and searching for the alien inhabitant during this year’s summer internship. These creditable comportments had been wide-spread on news and given with great police honor.
Safety is the basic need of the public and also the basic requirement that the government should provide. Traffic and construction accidents cause significant loss of life and property. Therefore, living and traffic safety is concerned especially. Recently, Mr. Yeh and British businessman Khalad Hamid’s DUI case destroyed families, and raised the public angers. The gas explosion accidents happened in Kaohsiung on July 31st also panic the society.
CPU Ren-ai student club along with the volunteers from Taoyuan Youth Center hosted a Children’s Day Party in Min-Sheng Hospital on April...
Central Police University carried out a 3-week recruit training in order to ensure that each CPU new student can understand the education purpose...
Vice President Wu, Den-Yi attended the 2013 Joint Graduation Ceremony of Central Police University, held on June 7th. A total of 596 graduates were awarded degrees...